Conquering Old Winchester Hill

August Bank Holiday and Liphook Ramblers’ members from East Meon, Headley, Passfield as well as Liphook conquered ‘Old Winchester Hill’.  Buzzards were flying overhead and even one or two Chalkhill Blue butterflies were still about in sheltered spots.   Starting from East Meon it wasn’t long before we reached the Meon Springs Fly Fishery.  Although we weren’t stopping to fish, we took the opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee before heading up Old Winchester Hill following the South Downs Way and beyond.  The views were magnificent and at times we could see The Solent and Isle of Wight along with Fawley Refinery.  Later in the day we could make out the Spinnaker Tower at Portsmouth.

Sue Zirps and Jennifer Heightley on the path to Old Winchester Hill

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1 Response to Conquering Old Winchester Hill

  1. Sue says:

    This was a super walk even if I say so myself!!!

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