Walkers & Leaders Advice

Liphook and District Ramblers – advice to walkers 

  • Walkers are responsible for their own safety.
  • Ensure you are suitably clothed and have appropriate footwear.
  • Ensure you have appropriate food and drink with you.
  • Carry a simple first-aid kit for personal use.
  • Bring your mobile phone if you have one. Use with consideration to others.
    • Follow the Highway Code *. www.gov.uk/highway-code
    • Follow the Country-side Code. www.naturalengland.org.uk
    • Ensure you have sight of the walker ahead of you and check on walkers behind.
    • Alert the leader if you fall behind or need to leave the walk. 
  • Car share to the start of walks where possible – parking at the start of walks is sometimes limited. On Wednesdays and at week-ends lifts are usually available from Midhurst Road Car Park to the start of walks, unless otherwise stated.
    • Please park cars with due consideration at the start of walks.
    • If parking in a Public House car park endeavour to spend some money in the pub. Pubs do not provide FREE parking!
      • NB. Parking in car parks is usually at car owner’s risk. 
  •   If you bring someone new with you please ensure the leader knows about them – introduce them to the leader.

*Highway Code.

NB. Rules for pedestrians with particular attention to rules 2 & 3. Rule 5 does not apply as we don’t organise marches – that’s for the military, scouts, cadets etc.

Liphook and District Ramblers – advice to leaders

Familiarise yourself with the walk beforehand and be aware of any significant hazards.

  • Before starting off on a walk give the group a brief résumé– with mention of steep hills, stiles and hazards such as road-crossings as well as particular points of interest or views.
  • Welcome any new walkers.
  • Count the number of walkers before – and after the walk – and during the walk if appropriate.
  • Appoint a back-marker if there are more than about twelve or so walkers and make sure the group knows who this is. Mobile phones are useful for leader and backmarker to contact one another – have them switched on in case of emergencies.
  • Bring your mobile phone if you have one.
  • High visibility jackets are available from The Treasurer. There are situations where they might be needed – please be aware of this.
  • NB. Fernhurst Recreation Ground CP is not a public CP. Leaders starting a walk from here please contact Barry Wood at bcdwood@btinternet.com in advance. (The CP at Milland Village Hall is not a public CP either).

HAPPY WALKING – the committee (March 2013)

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