Weekly Update Plus 2 Extra Walks

Sat 17th June Fynning and Trotton 7 miles (about 3.5 hours)
Start: 10:00 St. Peter’s Church, Fyning, off the A272, GR SU818234 .
Lifts: 09:35. CS/PL.
Leader: Sylvia H.


Tue 20th June Bordon Inclosure & Broxhead Common.
Start: 10:00 Rear CP Lindford Working Men’s Club, GR SU809360 .
Leader: Robert P.


Wed 21st June Frensham Ponds.
Start: 19:00 Frensham Little Pond (main car park – this is now Pay & Display – free to NT members), GR SU859418 .
Lifts: 18.30.
Leader: Caroline L.


Extra Walks

Sun 25th June PIONEER WALK Selborne 11½ miles.
Start: 09:45 Selborne NT CP GR SU742335.
Lifts: 09:20 MEET LEADER AT START. Includes Noar Hill, Colemore, East Tisted, Rotherfield Park and Newton Valance.
Leader: Penny C.

Terrain is up and down. CS/PL. Possible Tea Shop stop in Selborne.

Wed 28 June Around the Punchbowl

Start: 19.00 Highcombe Edge CP (off Beacon Hill Rd) GR SU887363,
Lifts: 18.40
Leader: Bob C

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11th to 14th June

Sun 11th June Stanstead Park & Kingley Vale 11 miles (around 6 hours). 
Start:   10:00 from the car park on the main avenue of Stanstead Wood GR  SU754103 .
Lifts:   09:15.  Walk via Stoughton & Humps above Kingley Vale.  Some hills, views & wild flowers.  PL/CS.
Leaders: Helen & Patric


Tue 13th June Hindhead Common. 
Start:   10:00 Heather Way car park, Haslemere Rd.  GR  SU888356 .  Postcode GU30 7JL.
Leader:   Jane G.

Hopefully it will be  sunny but after the rain there will be some mud, no styles and not too many  inclines. Hope you see you all there. 

Wed 14th June   Hat Hill to Levin Down (Drovers Circular Walk). 
Start:   19:00.  Park near the Partridge Inn, Singleton, GR  SU877130 .
Lifts:   18:15.
Leader:  Maria

I have not managed to walk it out yet but I hope to do it in the next few days. Just look forward to a sunny and dry evening to enjoy it together.

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Important Update for Walks May 20-24

Sat 20th May EastWorldham 5½ miles (around 3 hours).

Start:   10:00 East Worldham Church, GR  SU750381 .
Lifts:   09:35.  Please phone the leader the night before if you would like a lift, otherwise meet her at start.  CS.
Leader:  Sylvia H


Sun 21st May  Isle of Dogs, Thames Path (part), 10 miles (around 5 hours + transport to and fro London).
09.05 at Alton Station   to catch the 09:15 train to London Waterloo.
Lifts:  08.45.
Leader:   Bob C.

Return ticket & Bus pass, or Day Travel Card.
No.15 Bus to Tower of London, walk through Dockland & Isle of Dogs, CS/PL.  Return by Water Taxi.  Option of a meal at the end.

My Walk:- Up to London Town we go.  By rail, by road, besides the  water, under the water, on the water, but most of all by Shanks  Pony!!!  Don’t forget Bus Pass, Contactless Debit/credit Card.

Due to the mega disruption* on the roads and rails over the weekend, it has been decided that we will catch the 09.15 train from Alton.  All other details remain the same, ie Lifts from Liphook 08.45.

Isle of Dogs, Thames Path (part),  10 miles.  Start:  09.05 at Alton Station  to catch 09:15 train to Waterloo.  Lifts: 08.45.  Return ticket & Bus pass, or Day Travel Card.  No.15 Bus to Tower of London, walk through Dockland & Isle of Dogs, CS/PL.  Return by Water Taxi.  Option of a meal at the end.  Leader:  Bob C.

*M3 is closed
No trains going through Guildford at all
Bus service from Haslemere to wherever but certainly NOT Guildford!



Tue 23rd May St. Luke’s Church Milland to the pottery.

Start:   10:00 at St Luke’s Church, GR  SU823283 .  Postcode GU30 7JL.
Leader:   Jane G.

This walk takes us down the 77 steps and across the fields to the pottery where we take a short break., past the Old Mill and a gentle uphill back to the church



Wed 24th May Trundle & East Lavant.

Start:  19:00 at The Triangle CP, near Goodwood,  GR SU879113 .
Lifts:   18:15.
Leaders:   Maria /Janet M.

We leave upwards across The Trundle with cowslips and orchids, then through chalk tracks and grassy paths to the village of Lavant. Then back around a neolithic hill fort BC. Hopefully as sunny and incredibly eventful as today.

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Walks 14th – 17th May

Sun 14th May  Odiham & Basingstoke Canal  10 miles (around 5 hours).
Start:   10:00 Car Park, Colt Hill, Odiham, GR  SU747517 .  Meet leader at start.
Lifts:   09:10.  CS/PL.  Circular walk around Odiham, Greywell.

Leader:  Trish P.

“Walking west along the canal towpath, we come across a ruined castle. Then,  a couple of small churches, one larger church, lovely countryside, and a tea shop at the end”.


Tues 16th May Kingsley Pond & Broxhead Common.
Start:   10:00 Kingsley Pond Car Park, GR  SU788381 .

Leader:  Robert P.

Wed 17th May    Local Walk – North Lodge / Summerdene.
Start:   19:00 Radford Park CP, GR  SU843319 .

Leader:  Janet M.

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Walks Update 29th April – 3rd May

Sat 29th April Liss & Sheet 7½ miles. (around 4 hours)
Start:   10:00 Lay-by Hillbrow School, GR  SU779272 .
Lifts:   09:40.  CS/PL. 
Leader:   Sylvia H.

Sun 30th April  Petworth Park & Lurgashall 10 miles(around 5 hours). 

Start:   10:00 from the North Petworth NT car park on the A283 near Limbo, GR  SU966238 .
Lifts:  09:25.  CS/PL.  Possible pub stop.  A circumnavigation of Petworth Park, followed by a trip via some medieval ironworks to Lurgashall.  
Leaders:  Helen & Patric

We start from the National Trust car part on the A283 by Limbo. We then progress through Petworth Park past the house, lake and herds of deer. We then then go up through Upperton. We go down Upperton Common, past the site of a medieval ironworks, and so to Lurgashall. The return is through the Chillinghurst estate, Stag Park Farm, and back via Limbo the the car park. Currently the weather forecast is offering very good visibility, so let’s hope.

Tue 2nd May Ludshsott Commom/Waggoners Wells.
Start 10.00 from Dunelm Car Park, GR SU852357.  
Leader Sylvia. H.
Wed 3rd May   Bentley Area. 

Start:   19:00 Bentley GR  SU784439 .  Park on roadside. 
Lifts:   18.30.  
Leader:  Caroline L.

When I recce’d this walk, there were fields carpeted with dandelions and bluebells in the woods.  Although these will surely be over when we do this walk, I’m sure that there will be other wild flowers to enjoy.    There is one quite muddy bit despite the fact that it had been dry for days when we walked it.  

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Easter Walking, 2017

Mon 17th April  Alresford & Abbotstone Wood

11 miles (around 6 hours) .
Start:   09.45 Abbotstone Wood CP, GR  SU585361 .
Lifts:  08.50.  CS/PL.

Swift running water, mills and old watercress beds are all features of this walk.  Easy walk along the Oxdrove Way and Wayfarers. Woodland, riverside and historic locations. Some walking on minor roads.  And if parking permits there is the opportunity for tea and cakes in Alresford after the walk. 

Leader:  Caroline L.


Tue 18th April    Churt.
Start: 10:00 on the green by Churt Church GR  SU854385 .
Leader:   Sylvia H.



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Walks for 8th, 11th April

Sat 8th April     Older Hill / Wardley Hanger 8½ miles (4.5 hours).
Start:   10:00 Iron Hill CP, GR  SU848301  (LIMITED PARKING)  CS/PL.
Leader:   Janet M

Tues 11th April   Ludshott Common to Land of Nod
Start:   10:00 Dunelm car park.  GR  SU851357 .  Post Code GU26 6JG.
Leader:   Jane G

There are steep inclines but no stile maybe some mud which can be skirted around. Hopefully sunshine, so see you there.

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