Photo Gallery 2012 Xmas Lunch

Ode to Walking by Pam
Well, here I am at this time
With just another little rhyme
You may have heard the same before
So I’ll keep it short, so as not to bore
It’s a thank you to all the walk leaders
Who have done a really good job
Leading and coping with all of us mob
They march ahead and keep quite a pace
Some of us slow up – it’s not a race
We walk the fields and many lanes
Praying for sunshine and not the rains
We’re told the walk is to be quite flat
But there’s no way do we believe that
It has been know they’ve lost their way
They study their maps – we have all day
Then it’s about turn and away we go
Trying to keep up and not be slow
We ramble on for quite some miles
Having a problem with all those stiles
Some of us get in quite a muddle
Getting over, not falling in a puddle
Now I know I’m not being too kind
But one walk sticks firmly in mind
The one at Hawkley where Mary fell
Right in the mud; she lets out a yell
Irene tried to help and fall in too
Both stuck fast – what a to-do
We pulled and tugged, and got them free
With the help of Brian, and also me
At last we got them out and clear
All covered in mud over their rear
I know that we all enjoy the walks
If only for the company and good talks
So I think I can say without much fear
We’ll all be walking in the New Year
Thank you Robert, for arranging this lunch
It all helps to forget the credit crunch
Very sincerely, thank you leaders, from all of us here
We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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