Photo Gallery 2015 Q2

Sunday, 28th June – Bob’s London Walk

06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 001aCutting the birthday cake – celebrating Maureen’s birthday.

06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 003Columbia Road Flower Market06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 004 06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 006 06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 007From the ‘big’ and colourful

06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 008To the exotic ‘pineapple’ flowers

06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 010 06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 011 06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 013 06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 014 06-28 Columbia Road flower market 15aAnd entertainment too

06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 016

06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 021 06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 026 06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 030 06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 031 06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 038 06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 048 06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 050 06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 052 06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 054 06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 055 06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 056 06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 060 06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 070Lady Helen x 2

06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 071 06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 072 06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 074

06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 001b

06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 001c 06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 076 06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 078 06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 084 06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 085 06-28 Columbia Road Flower Market 087

Wednesday, 24th June – Helen’s walk Hawkley

06-24 Hawkley 001 Anyone for a hair cut?

06-24 Hawkley004 ‘Pinky & Perky’ Oxford and Sandy Black pigs

06-24 Hawkley005 Ashford Chase from the “Shoulder of Mutton” viewpoints 06-24 Hawkley006 Orchids everywhere

06-24 Hawkley00806-24 Hawkley007Sunset

Sunday, 21st June – Francoise’s Walk from Headley

06-21 Headley 007

Red Admiral Butterfly

06-21 Headley 010aThe Caterpillar of the Mullion Moth Mullion moth 001a The Mullion Moth!  Not a thing of beauty!

Wednesday, 17th June – Ian’s walk Noar Hill

06-17 Selborne 001 06-17 Selborne 003 06-17 Selborne 006 06-17 Selborne 008 06-17 Selborne 011 06-17 Selborne 016 06-17 Selborne 018

Sunday, 14th June – Di’s Walk around Bentworth, Shalden and Thedden

06-14 Theddan 004Auricularia auricula-judae (auricula = ear,  judae=Judas)
The fungus is associated with Judas Iscariot because of the belief that he hanged himself on an elder tree after his betrayal of Jesus Christ. Folklore suggests that the ears are Judas’s returned spirit, and are all that are left to remind us of his suicide. The common name of the fungus was originally Judas’s ear, but this was later shortened to Judas ear and, in the late 19th century, shortened again to Jew’s ear. [source: wikipedia]

06-14 Theddan 009“What a handsome fellow I am”

06-14 Theddan 015Who is JCD Berens and why does he/she have a bear/panda on their memorial stone? According to Google, a JCD Berens played cricket for Eton Ramblers in 1964.

06-14 Theddan 017Olympics 2012 – Bentworth letterbox painted gold to commemorate the gold medal won by local rider Charles Peter.  How do we know – Bob is pointing to the label on side.

06-14 Theddan 020And across the road in Bentworth – this monstrosity.  What about a lick of paint someone? Letterboxes are painted black when no longer in use – it is a long time since this one has seen black paint!

06-14 Theddan 024By the glasshouses at Thedden Grange, Howard’s found a place to sit and contemplate life.

Thedden-grangeThedden Grange [photo courtesy of Wikipedia].  What an unbelieveable place for afternoon tea.

In 1808 at a public auction, Thedden, consisting of 369 acres of arable land and 116 acres of the finest coppice land was bought by Admiral Sir Laurence Halsted,  who had previously been the Captain of HMS Phoenix. He built a new mansion incorporating the previous manor and renamed it Phoenix Lodge. He added a coach house, two large walled kitchen gardens and a Home Farm. He also laid out the parkland as it is today following the fashion of the time, with rolling lawns that came up to the house, and trees planted in clumps and individually.

In 1835 Halsted was forced to sell for financial reasons and the estate was bought by a wealthy Yorkshire mill owner John Wood. Wood was a philanthropist and pioneer of factory reform, being the moving force behind the Ten Hours Act of 1847. The present house owes its appearance to a building programme he carried out between 1838 and 1844, adding an extra floor over part of the main house, which he renamed Thedden Grange. A new longer drive through woodlands was created from the Basingstoke Road where a lodge was built. With the acquisition of other farmland, the estate at this time totalled 800acres.

From the beginning of the 20th century, the estate went through a series of other owners and was used during the war to house German prisoners of war. The present owners have been there since 1975.

Tuesday, 9th June – David’s Walk Dunsfold

06-09 [1] PatrioticPatriotic

06-09 [2] Shy mum!Shy Mum

06-09 [3] Good job Jenny's a Farmer's Daughter! Good job Jenny’s a Farmer’s Daughter!
06-09 [4] Where's the path goneWhere’s the path gone?

06-09 [5] I must have a look at this!I must have a look at this
06-09 [6] Looks as though someone has been on the GrowmoreLooks as if this one has been on the Growmore!

06-09 [7]  David said we'd be 'logging on'David said we’d be ‘logging on’

06-09 [8] Anyone else comingAnyone else coming?

06-09 [9] St. Mary's ChurchyardSt Mary’s Churchyard

06-09 [10] Interesting brickworkInteresting Brickwork

06-09 [11] Millennium Tapestry St Mary's Dunsfold Millennium Tapestry St Mary’s Dunsfold

06-09 [12] Holey TreeHoley Tree

06-09 [13] Trying to see through both of yew!Trying to see through both of Yew!

06-09 [14] The cultivated kindThe Cultivated kind

06-09 [15] colourful cornerColourful Corner

06-09 [16] Open and shut case!Open and Shut Case!

Tuesday, 28th April – Jenny’s Walk
Puttenham Common & Cutt Mill

1 Middle CP Puttenham CommonMiddle Car Park, Puttenham Common

2 Joyce makes a pointJoyce makes a point

3] Matt & Kathy on a missionMatt & Kathy on a Mission

4] LookLook!

5] So this is where we areSo this is where we are

6] Don't rush me - we were Tail-endersDon’t Rush me – we were tail-enders!

7] 8] no title 9] Marsh MarigoldsMarsh Marigolds

10] The way to Market The Way to Market

11] clipped cloudsClipped Clouds

12] Boathouse Cutmill PondBoathouse, Cutmill Pond

13] The Reds have itThe Reds have it

14] A little lullA little lull

15] Overlooking Cut Mill PondOverlooking Cut Mill Pond

Sunday, 26th April – Helen & Patric’s Walk
Cocking Hill, Singleton, Charlton

04-26 Cocking Hill 002Sweet looking little lambs – playing together and having such fun

04-26 Cocking Hill 005And again…

05-03 Cocking 010

And the same little lambs a week later!

04-26 Cocking Hill 007Where to next?

04-26 Cocking Hill 008Interesting….

04-26 Cocking Hill 009Are we on the right path? Are we even on the right continent?

04-26 Cocking Hill 014Ah, that’s better.  Which way to the pub? Directions we all understand!

04-26 Cocking Hill 018Lunch – serious business

Sunday, 19th April – Caroline’s Walk
Cheriton, Ovington, Tichborne

04-19 Cheriton 001
Less than a month before we sat on the hay bales to have our coffee.  Now just the charred remains.

04-19 Cheriton 028Spring – Bluebells!

04-19 Cheriton 029And lots of them

04-19 Cheriton 031Pippa (the black and white one!) is enjoying them too.

GDFAS Oxford 04-21 007This was to be our coffee stop, but alas, now just ashes.

GDFAS Oxford 04-21 011Cowslips bowing their heads GDFAS Oxford 04-21 014Grape Hyacinth growing seemingly wild.

GDFAS Oxford 04-21 018Even Pippa likes this gate

GDFAS Oxford 04-21 025And more Bluebells

GDFAS Oxford 04-21 035How is this for a cow on a dairy farm
can’t quite make out who she supports

GDFAS Oxford 04-21 041And Bluebells again!

GDFAS Oxford 04-21 043

Is this a horse I see before me?

Sunday, 12th April – Rosemary’s Walk
Frensham, Spreakley & Dockenfield

04-12 Frensham 025Blackthrone Blossom against a blue sky

04-12 Frensham 032Primroses a plenty

04-12 Frensham 035Giant Concrete Lego

04-12 Frensham 037The first Bluebells!

04-12 Frensham 046Idyllic Country Cottage, but remote

04-12 Frensham 051Wood Anemone

04-12 Frensham 053 Our 2nd Bluebell…..

04-12 Frensham 059Lots of Mistletoe and WITH BERRIES!

Sunday, 5th April – Françoise
Headley, Frensham
(Recce for walk on 21st June)
04-05 Headley Recce 110

Skunk Cabbage (Lysichiton americanus)

04-05 Headley Recce 125Archimedes Screw – in your back garden!

04-05 Headley Recce 129

An Ahhhh moment – our first lambs of the season


One Response to Photo Gallery 2015 Q2

  1. george robins says:

    JCD Berens.

    The family bank collapsed in 1975 and Christopher Berens died from his own hand the following year. He shared a flat with my brother in Pavilion Road near Knightsbridge.. I suggest the bear may be part of the family crest and is probably located near the family’s Hampshire home at that time.
    Regards, Richard Robins

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