Photo Gallery 2015 Q3

David’s last walk [as leader] with L&DR – Tuesday, 29th Sept


David’s last walk as a leader


David’s last walk as a leader

1 Sunshine at The Sun
Sunshine at The Sun which lasted for Lunch

2 Post for the pub
Post for the Pub
3 my feathers look better in the water
My Feathers look better in the water
4 interested onlooker
Interested onlooker

5 parked here waiting from some stickParked here waiting for some stick

Nearly there


Are you sure?


Signs of Autumn


Mick capturing those colours


David Keeping in Touch

11 Leading from the rear

David leading from the Rear

Maria’s walk, Sunday 27th Sept

09-27 Haslemere 001Parasol Mushroom

This nanny goat would eat anything! even the gate

This nanny goat would eat anything! even the gate

09-27 Haslemere 006I spotted a cow behind the flower pot

Sunday, 13th Sept – Bob’s Isle of Wight Walk

P1130861 P1130867 P1130871 P1130894I know I’m a handsome fellow….

P1130897Beautiful little bridge not to mention the wonderful ramblers going over it.


P1130910And Alpacas – this one has a shadow!

P1130912The hole in the wall gang!

Tuesday, 1st Sept – Helen’s Selborne Walk

IMG_7208From wide open spaces

Into the Woods

Into the Woods

IMG_7231Toasting a Mighty Oak


This is one I made earlier

IMG_7255Out of the Woods


Looking for Sloes and thinking of Gin

IMG_7259Look these are betterIMG_7264Worth stopping for.

IMG_7269Must catch up without being caught on camera.

Saturday, 22nd August – Robert’s Eartham Woods Walk

P1130815A bit more Vitamin D before I tackle that pool

P1130816Shades of hats

P1130817 Maps the right way up ……

P1130819Nordic Walking – 4 poles, perhaps I could have a go!

P1130821From the horses mouth….

P1130823How many people does it take to get a tap to work?

P1130825Three obviously…..

P1130827See Robert you do it like this….

P1130829And the star of these photos….

Tuesday, 18th August – Mick’s Puttenham Walk (or perhaps it’s a ‘hop’)

Here have one of these

He's just given me this Apple!He has just given me the apple!

IMG_7086All strung up

This is what makes a good beer

Having a good nose

We had no idea there was so much to it

Looking to a good harvest
IMG_7145Rapt attention! Golly!Golly!
I think he's hopped it! - Version 2
I think he’s hopped it!

Waiting for Hampton’s FUGGLES HOPS

I thought I heard someone coming

IMG_7171Just to prove that we did actually do some walking!

Sunday, 16th August – Chichester Canal Walk

P1030403The butterflies are out at Chichester Canal Basin


P1030405A symmetry of fishing rods along the canal

P1030406You think this is a boat – it is a photo of the cathedral!


Mallard perch amongst the ‘greenery’!


Nice place to spend the weekend

P1030414 “This is MY perch and I’m not moving for anyone”


Sunday, 9th Aug – Françoise’s walk Bramley area

P1130572A colourful sitting

P1130573 P1130580 Poppies, sunflowers, cornflowers – wild flowers at Rooks Hill on the A281

P1130587A photo of ramblers rambling for a change! 

Version 2Lunch under the trees – Jenny and Helen conversing over a cuppa

P1130621Ahhhh – mother and fawn.

P1130624Look what big teeth I have

P1130627 P1130634A reflective moment

Tues, 4 Aug – Robert’s walk on Broxhead Common

IMG_6963Lost your lollipop Robert?IMG_6966-1
Nice splash of colour Pam

k - Version 2
Coffee time – so far so good.

Sylvia telling it like it is

Rowan Berries

IMG_6982Where’s my mummy?

IMG_6990She’s behind you!

Woolly Frieze = 1 Sheep 2 freeze

IMG_6996Last Lap

Saturday, 1st August – Eartham Recce

08-01 Eartham 01aBeautiful Red Admiral

08-01 Eartham 012A not so shy Purple Emperor

08-01 Eartham 029Male Silver Washed Fritillary

08-01 Eartham 034Female Silver Washed Fritillary

08-01 Eartham 045At Bignor Hill Car Park, the opportunity to get involved in some sculpture!

Sunday, 19th July – Bob’s Walk

07-19 Liphook 072
Trish in the ‘hot’ seat

07-19 Liphook 079

Bridge Art?  on the supports of the A3 bridge near Bramshott.

07-19 Liphook 080 07-19 Liphook 081 07-19 Liphook 082

Saturday, 18th July – Robert’s Walk 

07-18 Liphook 045

Newlands Cottage
07-18 Liphook 051

Chuck, chuck, chuck…..

07-18 Liphook 054

What a beautiful specimen!

07-18 Liphook 056

Goosey, Goosey Gander…..

07-18 Liphook 062 07-18 Liphook 063 07-18 Liphook 067Girl talk?


One Response to Photo Gallery 2015 Q3

  1. Sue Bradford says:

    What a gallery of wonderful photographs and I love the captions. Great memories to be treasured.

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