Photos 2019 Q2

Caroline’s Walk from West Itchenor, on Sunday, 23 June


This cottage was built in the 70s!




Reading Scouts having fun on the beach

Helen & Patric’s walk from Fort Nelson, on Sunday 16 June

Fort NelsonFort NelsonFort NelsonFort NelsonFort NelsonFort Nelson

Maria’s Walk from Midhurst,
on Sunday 9 June

Midhurst 01Midhurst 04Midhurst 09Midhurst 12
L&DR Chairman 

Sylvia’s walk around Frensham Pond,
Tuesday, 28 May

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Jane’s walk around Milland,
Tuesday, 21 May

Milland walk and others 2019 060Milland walk and others 2019 061Milland walk and others 2019 062Milland walk and others 2019 063Milland walk and others 2019 064Milland walk and others 2019 066Milland walk and others 2019 067Milland walk and others 2019 068Milland walk and others 2019 069

Penny’s walk around the Mardens, Sunday, 7 April

The MardensSpring flowers amongst the autumn leavesThe MardensThe MardensThe Mardens
A glimpse of West Marden The MardensThe Mardens
A kissing gate to be negotiated – easier than the style that was there.The Mardens
The steep way upThe MardensOilseed rape making a good showThe MardensThe Mardens
The well – East MardenThe Mardens
The Easter Bunny?